Presentation of the Company

Short presentation of the company

The company was founded 16 years ago with the purpose to process plastic materials. Each year, the company reached 20-30% growth and, throughout the years, became a top-level company for spraying plastic materials. Today, we are equipped with the most modern machinery and other technology for spraying thermoplastic materials. On the market, we offer spraying of thermoplastic materials on machines with capacity from 10 to 400 g and with closing force from 50 to 200 T. We also offer our customers development of new products and tools production in cooperation. All machines are equipped with required equipment (dryers, dosing feeders, tapes) for production of most demanding products. We offer customers own delivery of products from our production line.

The company employs 10 people full-time, who work in three shifts, and we hire students, if required. The entire company’s activity is done on 1000 m2; 400 m2 is the production line and 600 m2 is the warehouse. We also have a contract with maintenance accounting and safety service.
Product quality, short delivery periods and competitive prices are the most important values of Biplast d.o.o. In addition, we try to fulfil all expectations and demands of our customers. Customers, who are satisfied with our services, are guarantee of our success. Therefore, we are constantly improving our quality system, based on ISO 9001, on the basis of recommendations and remarks of our partners. The company is also preparing for acquisition of the new standard ISO TS.

Constant improvement of all elements of our quality system and therefore of all of our services is the basic task of employees of BIPLAST d.o.o.

Environmental protection

We are aware of the meaning of environmental protection, therefore Biplast d.o.o. carries out certain measures to reduce the load on environment:

  • Cooling of machines and moulds – we use a closed cooling system, so we don’t pollute clean water.
  • Cardboard packaging – waste cardboard and paper packaging is disposed by a company, dealing with recycling of it (Papirnica Količevo).
  • Waste plastic – waste plastic is disposed by a company, dealing with recycling (Omaplast).
  • Waste oil – waste oil is disposed by a company, which supplies new oil (CIM d.o.o.).
  • Noise – production process is done in closed spaces, so there is no noise pollution of the environment.
  • Products are marked with recycling symbols.
  • These measures help to achieve minimum load on the environment.

Our employees are trained annually by our supplier of machinery and equipment, who organizes these seminars. Employees have also finished a course on materials (composition, disadvantages, advantages, purpose of use…), which are used daily in our production process. These seminars are organized by our partner company Fist d.o.o.